Welcome, if you are looking for Custom Mounts to transplant an 02m 6speed tranmission into your Mk2/Mk3/Corrado, then you are in the right place!

About me: I am a fellow enthusiast producing high quality mounts for VW 02m 6 speed transmission swaps into Mk2, Mk3 and Corrados. I pride myself on being meticulous and sacrifice nothing. This is the reason I continue to use more expensive 3/16" waterJet cut steel when 1/8" would be strong enough for even a big turbo setup. Ask around and you will likely find someone you know is running a set of my mounts. They can attest my quality and quick delivery.

If you are interested in viewing my project build thread (where this all started), here is the link: Project Build sc2020

I try to keep a couple of sets in stock and ready to go for various applications. During times of high demand or one off mounts, I can whip up a set with just a couple of days lead time. I personally do all fabrication, so there are never any excuses waiting on a 3rd party to make your mounts!


Rear 02m Mount (fits sll Mk2 /Mk3 Chassis - 4/6 Cyl, FWD or Haldex) **
$225.00 + shipping

** Requires moving the transmission mount cup on the subframe approximately 5/8" to properly clear the larger 02m CV flange. This is very easy to do and is detailed in the installation instructions.

 Hardware for Trans Mount (Rear Bolt Kit) $6.00 - Note that these 2 Rear Bolts/washers are only needed when the stock hardware from the Cradle Trans mount is is not available. The custom transmission mount accommodates the use of these 2 rear stock bolts. Other special hardware is provided with thie mount.

4cyl - MkII Front Mount (fits later Mk2s using 191 199 273 C front engine bracket). Some early US built '85-'86 G/Js used a very weak non-Hydro mount setup which can be converted to a similar style shown above. if you have an '85 or '86 and think you have the early style mount, please email me.
$135.00 + shipping (no Core necessary) - Price includes special starter motor studs and hardware

4cyl - MkIII Front Mount (also fits Mk2 using stronger Mk3 style front engine carrier from Corrado VR/B3 VR or Passat B4)
$145.00 + shipping (no Core necessary, $25 credit if provided) - Price includes special starter motor studs and hardware

6cyl - 12v VR6 Front Mount (fits All Mk2 or Mk3 6 Cyl Vr using Mk3 style front engine carrier)
$115.00*** + shipping (a Core or Core Charge is NOW Required before Shipping***)

6cyl - 24v R32 Front Mount - Using Stock Oil/Water Cooler
$145.00*** + shipping (a Core or Core Charge is NOW Required before Shipping***)

6cyl - 24v R32 Front Mount - Using Aftermarket Oil Cooler (Sandwich Plate)
$125.00*** + shipping (a Core or Core Charge is NOW Required before Shipping***)

Stock Front Engine Bracket Core Charge (All)
$50.00 (Refundable when we receive your undamaged stock Vr6 12v-5speed front bracket and must be received within 2 weeks of order delivery to receive refund)***

 *** NOTE: As of 01/01/2016, I am forced to require a VR6 5 speed Front Engine bracket core (or core charge above) before I can ship out a modified one. As of this date, I am no ;longer able to obtain (part # 1H0199273D ),and I am forced to require this. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenienve, but I have no other options. -Shawn DeZego

 Disclaimer: Shipping to Cont US, shipped Fed-Ex Ground or USPS Priority Flat Rate (insured and tracked). You must request and pay extra for Signature service. All prices listed above are subject to change without notice due to fluctuating fixed costs. By ordering from us, you agree to these terms.
International Customers: Prices for US Postal Service (Large Flate Rate Box - Priority Mail - ~6-10 day delivery) went up recently. As of 04/24/2017 shipping is currently running $60 to Canada and $88 to UK + insurance. You can order via the above links and I will email you the exact shipping cost supplement necessary.

If you have any questions regarding fitment or application, supplying a core or shipping out of the US, please email.
Please email at: sdezego@bellsouth.net

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