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- Axle Information

Disclaimer: although I have gone through painstaking measurements and verification of the following, I make no claims to the information I am providing and you are ultimately responsible for deciding on what axle length is appropriate for your application. - Shawn

General Info:

Inner CV Joint has no effect on overall axle length ("OAL")

02a Outer CV Joints add 2.4cm to OAL
02m Outer CV Joints add 2.2cm to OAL

All 02m outer CV Splines are same as the VR6 Hub. Some use an Axle BOLT and some have the threaded end to accept the traditional style CV Axle Nut.

To use Mk2/G60 Hubs, you will need to create a hybrid 02m/02a Axle (As I have done for customers). Or, as an alternative, you can press Vr6 hubs into 4cyl Spindles for 5 lug and Re-drill rotors, or Re-Drill Hubs and Tap for 4lug.

Tripod Style Axles used in various 6 Cyl are not desirable. Beetle Turbo S work great for shortening, however, Drive Shaft Shop (DSS) has custom axles for these swaps if you would rather just purchase.

Below are accurate measurements for a car lowered about 1" or so (Doesn't change that much).
There is Leeway, so they don't need to be exact, but should be pretty close. 1-2cm will likely not make a difference either way.
MkII/G60 4 Lug "Narrow width suspension" - Axle Lengths:

39.2cm/64.1cm for Bare axles or a Final length of 41.4cm/66.3cm respectively.

Bare Axle Lengths are when using 02m Outer CV's as they add 2.2cm to the axle length (as noted above).

02a Outer CV joints add about 2.4cm to the axle length so final axle length if using 02a Outer CV joints is: 39cm/63.9cm for Bare axles
Corrado VR 5 lug "Plus Suspension" - Axle Lengths:

Note: The outer 02m CV joint adds 2.2CM to the final axle length.

Using 02m Axles and CV joints and shortening them: the bare axle lengths are: (40.66 and 66.06 cm)
The overall length with CVs should be ~ 42.86 and 68.26 cm respectively (i.e. Bare axle + 2.2cm).

If you are using the Turbo S axles mentioned, this amounts to shortening the DS axle by 3/8" and the PS by 1 7/8". If there is any question in the axles you are using, measure the OVERALL lengths using above measurements!
AWD Passenger Side Axle Length:
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